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Motivation to Start Scanning Onsite

Typical Motivation for Scanning at Client Site

In some cases, the documents cannot leave their existing location, Those typical reasons are one of the following:

FILES IN DAILY USE: Documents consistently being used and therefore can't be sent to the scanning service bureau. Keep in mind that many scanning companies will "scan on demand" any documents of yours which they hold and haven't scanned yet. These are often medical records or other critical and widely used files.

EXTREMELY SECRET DOCUMENTS: Documents are so confidential, they cannot leave the office. This is not uncommon in cases of government scanning or for scanning of other confidential records. However, most scanning companies are extremely diligent about the security of the records they hold while scanning and transporting them. Most scanning service bureaus are consistently scanning medical records and must comply with the various laws relating to health information such as HIPAA.

LITIGATION CASE FILES: Legal case files are often in the possession of a less than friendly opponent. The owner of the files must make them available to review by opposing counsel but is often not required to give them up. In those cases, bringing a professional scanning company in to scan the files while still in the possession of the opposition is the best way to capture the data for a more thorough review than can be done any other way including implementing OCR scanning for electronic review.

Typical Requests For Services

scanning is onsite in Peabody, MA area. there are 10-15 file cabinets with insurance policies in them. each client file has multiple policies. we want a PDF for each policy's information. pdf file name would be client name-policy#. would prefer if scanned in searchable (OCR) pdf.
I need a quote on having onsite document scanning
We have ten very old large (approx 24"x 36")books that we need to have scanned and printed. We need to do it on-site.
Was hoping to get a quote. Thinking about having approx. 4500 employee files scanned and housed. Some files are in San Diego, CA but most are in Nashville, TN. Will you come on site and do it? Where are the electronic files housed?
Need on site scanner service to assist in scanning our dental patient files. We are use Eaglesoft and are going paperless by Jan.1,2009. The task of scanning using our Canon scanner is overwhelming.